Custom Antimicrobial Copper Alloy Products

Midbrook Medical can make anything out of copper that can be made out of stainless steel.  We can add copper surfaces to cabinets, tables, and carts that assist you in the fight against hospital acquired infections. 


Copper and certain copper alloy products are naturally antimicrobial through and through.  Even when surfaces made of these materials are scratched their antibacterial efficacy continues to work - it will not wear away like coatings and other treatments.


The EPA has identified different hospital equipment and furniture applications given as examples acceptable for antimicrobial copper alloys in healthcare facilities.


Medical application examples:


  • Carts
  • Hospital carts (table surfaces, handles, legs)
  • Computer carts
  • Record carts
  • Phlebotomy carts
  • Equipment carts
  • Lighting fixtures: X-ray illuminators, operating rooms, patient examination rooms, surgical suites, and reading lamps
  • Bedrails, footboards
  • Bed-side tables in hospitals, extended care facilities, senior housing etc.
  • Countertops and tabletops
  • Visitor chairs: armrests, metal frames, rails, backs
  • Hospital bed components
  • Trays (intrument, non-food contact, etc.)
  • Cabinets and workstations
  • Over-Bed tables

The use of copper and copper alloys for frequently touched surfaces can help reduce the amount of disease-causing bacteria throughout the healthcare facility.


Reports show some bacteria is killed within 15 minutes of contacting antimicrobial copper--for other bacteria it can take up to 2 hours