How it Works

Antimicrobial Copper Prevents Bacteria Growth

 Infectious bacteria do not grow on copper surfaces because antimicrobial copper alloys are biostatic material. This property makes copper an ideal material for use in environments where bacteria must be kept to a minimum; such as a hospital or similar healthcare facility.  


Our antimicrobial copper alloy products offer you another line of protection against the spread of infections. 


How can copper alone kill bacteria?

  • Copper ions cause a series of negative events in bacterial cells causing them to die
  • While the exact cause is unknown, some theories of how antimicrobial copper kills disease-causing microbes include:
    • Copper causes leakage of potassium or glutamate through the outer membrane of bacteria
    • Copper disturbs osmotic balance
    • Copper binds to proteins that do not require copper
    • Copper causes oxidative stress by generating hydrogen peroxide

What are the results of workstations and other touch surfaces being made with antimicrobial copper alloys?

  • The use of copper and copper alloys for frequently touched surfaces can help reduce the amount of disease-causing bacteria throughout the healthcare facility
  • Reports show some bacteria is killed within 15 minutes of contacting antimicrobial copper-for other bacteria it can take up to 2 hours