Midbrook Medical Antimicrobial Copper

Fight Infection With Copper

Midbrook Medical Products can assist your facility in the fight against infection with the power of antimicrobial copper alloys.  Traditional surfaces and materials can harbor dangerous infections - Antimicrobial copper alloys work to fight those infections.


Equip your facility with antimicrobial copper medical carts, copper tables, and copper cabinetry. Midbrook Medical can help your health care facility fight infection by producing custom antimicrobial copper products.



Midbrook's stamping, design, and engineering capabilities - blended with the emergence of the tremendous medical benefits of antimicrobial copper alloys - creates the opportunity for hospitals to make any surface they want into a naturally antimicrobial surface, thus fighting the spread of infection.

Midbrook can turn almost any existing healthcare equipment into an antimicrobial copper product. Add antimicrobial copper to your carts, tables, cabinetry and any other product that is currently produced in stainless steel.


Midbrook is an experienced fabricator that can custom develop antimicrobial copper products designed to work specifically for you.